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Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Huhuhu.. First class kiteorg encek just introduce diri dia.. tp before tue kn encek tetiber jer terus bg kuiz kat kami semue.. tekejut gak xtau ape2 dia nk bg kuiz... so kau memakser ku terpakser ler jwbnyer... kuiz dia nie byk menguji IQ kiter gak la... ader la beberapa soklan pasal IT secure la.... quite ok gak la.. tp aku der salah gakk.. huhuhuu..

Ermmm... okay! name encek, En. Mohd Zaki Bin Mas’ud yg telah mndpt pendidikan dlm B. Eng (Hons) Electronic (MMU), MIT(SC) (UKM) . Encek kater kalu nk contact dia kt no nie, 06 233 3146 or email ajer kt
zaki.masud@utem.edu.my. Then, encek ckp kalu nk juper dia consultation hour adlh Wednesday, 14:00-17:00.. tue time dia betul2 free la... kan encek? time laen tue jenguk2 la dia di bilik dia.. bak kater encek!..

Encek explain kt kiteorg aper lesson planning, assessment, schedule for lecture and lab session, and references/ text book yg gune utk subjek Network & IT Security nie.. Then encek ader gak tanyer kiteorg Why Study Computer Security? huhuhuhu... kenaper yer? errrkkk... for me la... computer security nie penting la coz untuk secure kiter punyer kejer2 cthnyer kiter create password supaya xder org yg senang2 nk attack kejer kiter. Ermm... computer security jugak utk free from virus yg mmg selalunya mudah sgt membiak dlm kiter punyer PC... iskk betul ker ha? errrkkk....

Okay! for lesson plan kiteorg will be covered 12 lectures : -

  • Introduction to Information Security
  • Authentication and Basic Cryptography
  • Program Security
  • Operating System Security
  • Database Security
  • Security in Networks
  • Security in Applications
  • Wireless Security
  • Legal and Ethical Issues in Computer Security
  • Cyberlaws
  • Administering Security
  • Designing, Implementing and Maintaining the Recovery Solution
For the assessment : -
  • Quiz (x4) & Assignment (x2) - 20%
  • Lab Report (x4) - 10%
  • Lab Exam (x1) – 5 %
  • Seminar (x1) – 5 %
  • Mid Term Exam - 20%
  • Project - 10%
  • Final Exam - 30%
Hope i will get da best result.. amin... :)
References / Text Book that common use in Network and IT Security : -
  • Text Book
    ~ Information Technology Security
    ~Author: Siti Rahayu, Robiah, Mohd Faizal and Nazrulazhar
    ~Pearson, 2006
  • References
    ~C.P. Pfleeger, S. L. Pfleeger (2003). Security in computing 3rd Ed., Prentice Hall International, Inc., ISBN 0-13-035548-8.
    ~Gregor Neaga, Bruce Qinters and Pat Laufman (1997). Fire in the computer Room, What Now?, Prentice Hall Ptr, ISBN: 0137543913.
    ~Paul Cretaro (2005), Lab Manual for Security+ - Guide to Network Security Fundamentals, Thomson Course Technology, ISBN 0-619-21536-4.
Nie encek explain kt kiteorg Why Study Computer Security nie.. hmm...
  1. An information security specialist is more than a technician who prevents hackers from attacking a Web site. ( nie kire nk mencegah hackers drpd attack sesuatu website ler..)
  2. BUT, need to understand about cryptography and firewall which these tools used by specialists to protect information systems. ( huhuhuuu.. kene faham la cryptography & firewall nie yg digunakan untuk melindungi sistem-sistem maklumat)
  3. Growing IT security importance and new career opportunities
  4. Increasing demand by government and private industry
" Knowing others is intelligence , knowing yourself is true wisdom."

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blur!!... (",)

encek...!!!... nnt yer sayer tuliss blogg nie!!.. sy dop sempat lg la encekk.... sebabnyer... sy masih kebluraannn lg ngn keadaann di kampus baru ni.. ngn kater lain kehidupan di building br "ftmk" yg baru ini... asyikk dop juper cari kelas jer la encekk!!... tiap2 ari duk men musing2 nk msk kelas... adess... tensen!!... :((

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